Google Talk in Max - Object to include in your patcher

I have made a little mxj-object, that you can include in your max patcher to get you Google talking from Max/Msp right away.
It works for me - Use it at your own risk :-)  

Download the object

Download and extract to somewhere on your harddrive.

Installing in Max 

Find and edit C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.0\Cycling '74\java\

Add these lines 
max.dynamic.class.dir /The/Path/To/Your/MaxGoogleTalk/bin
max.dynamic.jar.dir /The/Path/To/Your/MaxGoogleTalk/bin

Remember to restart Max for it to take effect

Using in Max

Download this example GoogleTalkExample.maxpat


  • ? : It worked, but suddenly no messages is coming through
    • ! : Don't send to often. Watch you quota on Google App Engine. If you exceed you quota, it takes 24 hours to reset.
  • ? : Strange errors or problems connecting
    • ! : Remember to use passwords of quality *strong* when you make your Google account. Otherwise the Google Api will not accept the authorization attempt from Smack (the Java XMPP library)

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