illutron Ship Daemon Abilities

Please note: The Daemon is not online anymore. 

Befriend the Daemon

In order to communicate with the daemon, you need to add the daemon as a friend in Gtalk (or any jabber-client)

Currently the Daemon accepts all friend requests - It trusts anybody.

Please don't abuse the naive daemon - Play, but play nice

Talk to the Daemon 

Command ==> Action/Response
You can send certain questions and commands to the daemon, and it will react and answer.

Known commands
Limited at the moment, but will be expanded
CommandResponse Details
statusA status of the currently installed sensors  

n : [0..5] (int)

x : [0..1023] (int)
Gives the current value of the analog input n at the connected Arduino board.

n : [0..13] (int)

x : [0..1] (int) 
Gives the current value of the digital input n at the connected Arduino board

pinmode of n must be set to input at the Daemon client for this to give true readings.

n : [0..13] (int)
x : [0..1] (int)
digital(n)==xSets the digital pin n to 0 or 1.

pinmode of n must be set to output at the Daemon client.  

The Daemon talks to you

Event ==> Message
In case of specific sensor events, the daemon will send messages to specific friends or all friends. This is set up in the script at the Daemon Java client.

Sinking alarm
Cable to float sensor broken
"cable broken" Christian Liljedahl
Sinking alarm
Float sensor wet 
"Float sensor wet"Christian Liljedahl 

The system is still being tested - When it becomes fully operational, it will start sending messages to more people on events.

Physical connections : Arduino pins

The Arduino board connected to the Daemon client PC has these sensors connected

LDR (Photoresistor) 
0 : dark 
300: daylight
analog(1) Float sensor
0-360 : bad cable
360-480: OK
480-1023: Wet
analog(2) Tempsensor Hard to explain.. 
analog(3) -  
analog(4) -  
analog(5) -  
digital(0)not available (RX)  
digital(1) not available (TX)  
digital(2) -  
digital(3) -   
digital(4) -  
digital(5) -  
digital(6) -  
digital(7) -  
digital(8) -  
digital(9) -  
digital(10) -  
digital(11) -  
digital(12) -  
digital(13) -