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Cofferdam for illutron

Sooner or later, we need to do some repairs and painting under the waterline of the barge. 
(The barge is the illutron ship - )

Getting her in a drydock is great, but very expensive. - So, why not try an old idea (invented in 1862 by Edward S. Renwick to repair the Great Eastern.

The idea is to mount a box on the side of the ship. Drain it for water, and climb down in it to do the repairs. 

Rough sketch of how it would be mounted on the illutron barge: 


  • Making a watertight seal in the edges
  • Shaping the cofferdam to fit the side of the ship
  • Preventing the cofferdam from floating away when drained
    • Adding ballast?
    • Chained to the other side of the ship
  • Safety - Solidity. We don't want to get crushed