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Color & Sound - Valve Cluster 1

Kultur2450 is a new local initiative in Sydhavn, the area where illutron resides.
We where asked to contribute to the exhibition with a work of our own choice. 

The place of the exhibition is an old Dance Pavillion - A beautiful old wooden building. 
I decided to do a simple interactive light setting in the ceiling of the room. 

How it works

6 handles - 6 lights - 6 oscillators

The 6 handles on the controller box each control a specific light fixture in the ceiling.
Rotating a handle, you can move either clockwise or counter clockwise around a color palette. 
As you turn the handle, a simple sine wave oscillator emerges form the box. The color in the ceiling matching the pitch of the oscillator. 
The box resonates and vibrates heavily, as you turn the wheels, and the frequence of the different oscillators match the resonance frequences of the box. 

Inside the box

Inside the box is 6 simple rotary encoders connected to and Arduino board. 
The Arduino board reads the rotation of the handles, and generate DMX-data to control the light of the fixtures in the ceiling. 

The colors are made using a HSL conversion in a RGB-color palette like this:
Adjusting Hue as the handle is turned and keeping L = 0.5 and S = 1. 

The 6 oscillators are made in Max/Msp
The Hue value of each of the six fixtures are sent via serial (usb) to a little laptop computer in the box, running a Max/Msp patcher. 
Two active speakers, also in the box, generating the sound. 


The project was made as an illutron project. It was mostly cooked up and constructed by Christian Liljedahl, with great help from Schack Lindemann in the decision and setup phase.


You can ask any other question - Just don't ask why. :-) 
It was just clear, when it was operated by the audience, that it had .. something.. - People couldn't stop playing with it. Exploring the colors and the sounds.