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Lighten your load

Using a rope, a load cell and old diode displays to lure people into body action in ropes from the ceiling.

At Inkost 2010 - Malmø

Participating in Thoughtmade at Inkonst in Malmø, I brought the installation to Sweden. 

illutron diode boxes with load cell activation
Thoughtmade was an amazing new concept... Combining tech showoff, talks and partying - I hope to see more of that again. 

At Summer Tour with illutron - in Køge and Helsingør 2009

Dancing people in a rope in the hull of the illutron ship – Load cell senses the weight and control music and light. 
  • Light was controlled by using diode boxes and Sonny Windstrupsgreat code 
  • Music was controlled by using Pure Data to read the Arduino board and generate a midi-controller to use in Ableton Live. 
  • Dancing: Allison Lorenzen and others. Mounting: Thomas Fabrik. Rigging: Karl Gillick. Interactive music: Bo Boye.