At the ship illutron, I have been doing some experiments with mixing air and propane using the venturi effect - like a bunsen burner.
This little guide should show you one way to make it work - What size nozzle to use etc.

Basic principle of a venturi to mix air & propane (gas):

  • Gas flows out of a small nozzle ( ~ Ø 0.83 mm )
  • Small nozzle => High flow velocity (Makes sense)
  • High flow velocity => Pressure drop (Makes sense, if you do the math
  • Tip: Think of energy conservation - Higher speed = Higher Kinetic energy. Lower Potential energy = Lower pressure )
  • Pressure drop => Sucks in air

To get the mix right, and the burn good, there is a close relationship between nozzle hole size and pipe size.

Nozzle size & Mixing Tube sizes that work - simple and quick

Nozzles comes in different sizes
  • Propane nozzle. Diameter 0.83 mm. (Can be found inside the burner of gas stoves)
  • Mixing tube. Diameter: 15 mm. ( 1/2 inch pipe ) Length: 4-5 cm is fine
  • Fittings - to fit it all together
  • LPG (Commercial gas like propane)
  • Gas Pressure Regulator (Regulating to +30 mBar - Standard kitchen pressure)