I made a small artificial creek for kids to play in. A pump pulling up water from the harbour and letting it flow down a canal made of wood.

Kids in the city don't have the possibility to experience the joy of playing in a stream of water. Open play with simple materials to make dams and objects to float.

EM 2021 - Ofelia Plads

Together with Annika Nilsson we made a mini version of the "play in the creek" activity as part of Børnekulturstedet Karens Mindes activities on Ofelia Plads for the EM 2021 fanzone.

We added lots of sand to play with, and that really was a great addition.

Kulturhavn 2020 - Skolen i Sydhavn

In the summer of 2020, as part of Kulturhavn and i collaboration with Skolen i Sydhavn, I made a larger version of the stream. All the kids from 5. year at the school came to play in the creek and explore the power of the water.

The scale was large enough to really have the kids feel the force of the rushing water.

Sydhavnens Folkemøde 2019

The first version of the creek was set up for SV:Folkemøde. Fairly simple construction, but much loved, and really showed the potential.

An open workshop during SV:Folkemøde - But would be great to to again sometime.

A combination of a stream and some ponds to play in

Just sketches, but would be interesting to combine ponds with the stream. The still water have other playful properties than the flow.